Did Legolas Ever Marry?

Is Legolas in love with tauriel?

Legolas is in love with Tauriel, but Tauriel seemingly falls in love with Kili.

She views him the same way she views Legolas, as a very dear friend, and I think she tricks herself into falling in love with him because she doesn’t want to hurt him the way she’s been forced to hurt Legolas.

Do tauriel and Legolas get married?

Because in the Hobbit book, Tauriel doesn’t exist. Tauriel gave her love to Kili in the movies. In “Laws and Customs of the Eldar”, or LACE, it talks about elves, and that they do not marry unless they truly love one another. Also, there is no sign of Legolas loving anyone in any book or in the LOTR movies.

Why did tauriel not love Legolas?

Was it because he knew he couldn’t have Tauriel, or was it because he agreed with her that love was too painful? In some ways, Legolas is as distant as Thranduil (although not as cold). And Thranduil lets Legolas go, after telling him that his mother loved him above all others.

Who did Legolas love?

But the trailers for Smaug have also hinted at a love story between Legolas and Evangeline Lilly’s elf warrior Tauriel, a character wholly invented for the film. That prospect, not surprisingly, has inspired bellyaching among some fans, but Bloom says the relationship is not that simple.

Does tauriel end up with Legolas?

So no, Legolas (who does not appear at all in the book of The Hobbit) did not marry or otherwise end up with Tauriel (who did not exist.)

Did Legolas leave with the elves?

After Aragorn’s death, Legolas made a ship in Ithilien and left Middle-earth to go over the sea. His strong friendship with Gimli prompted Legolas to invite him to go to the Undying Lands; making him the first and only Dwarf to do so. He was never seen again in Middle-earth.

The fan-fiction notion that Legolas and Arwen had a “thing” is entirely unsupported. Arwen, meanwhile, is the child of Elrond and Findulias, both of whom were Noldorian in heritage, but of no relation to the Noldor who joined the Elves of Mirkwood. So, there wasn’t a relationship as far as family.

What happened to Thranduil’s face?

Thranduil’s scars are decidedly non-canon. According to Tolkien’s texts, the last battle Thranduil saw (up to setting in The Hobbit) was that of the last alliance at the end of The Second Age. However, in the 1900’s of the Third Age, according to text, the “serpents of the north” were fought and mostly slain.

How old is tauriel in human years?

Despite the establishment in the film that Tauriel is meant to be around 600-years-old, there are disagreements with her age.

Are Legolas and Tauriel siblings?

So my answer is no they are not siblings. It is up to personal interpretation how she is part of the Mirkwood Guard and how she has developed such a close friendship with Legolas as she is not a canon character.

What happens to tauriel after Kili dies?

She was not mentioned in any of the Lord of the Rings movies, which happened 60 years after the scene in the Hobbit, the Battle of the Five Armies. This leads me to believe that she died from a broken heart, because the one she loved, Kili, was slain.

Who is Legolas father?


Is Legolas a high elf?

Legolas himself probably doesn’t date back that far, but his ancestry is in the ancient Sindarin kingdom of Doriath (his grandfather was Oropher, an Elf of Doriath, who must have been of reasonably high birth, being accepted as king of the Silvan Elves of the Greenwood in the Second Age).

Why are Legolas’s eyes blue in the Hobbit?

No. Due to technical mishaps involving Bloom’s contact lenses, in the films Legolas’ eye colour sometimes changes between brown, purple, and blue. (In the director’s commentary of the Extended Edition, Peter Jackson admitted that they forgot to put Bloom’s contacts in several times.)

Was Sauron a human?

In his origin, Sauron therefore perceived the Creator directly. The lesser Ainur who entered the world, of whom Sauron was one, were called Maiar. In Tolkien’s letters, the author noted that Sauron “was of course a ‘divine’ person (in the terms of this mythology, a lesser member of the race of Valar)”.

How does Frodo die?

Frodo takes her spot on the last ship to the undying lands with Bilbo, Gandalf, Galadriel and her husband Celeborn and finally Elrond. They go to a place away from despair and grief, where Frodo can heal. Response last updated by Terry on Sep 10 2016. Read the book for the best answer, but no, he doesn’t die.

Why does Legolas look so different in the Hobbit?

(Legolas Wiki) Orlando hated the contacts he wore in the Rings trilogy because they stung his eyes after a long time of shooting the film. PJ changed Legolas’ eyes in the Hobbit to distinguish him from from the Silvan elves of Mirkwood, as Thranduil and his son Legolas are both of the Sindarin.

Is Gimli the last dwarf in Middle Earth?

No, Gimli was not the last of his kind: the Dwarves of Erebor (the kingdom refounded after the events of The Hobbit) still existed, and Gimli does return to his people after the War of the Ring. After the fall of Sauron, Gimli brought south a part of the Dwarf-folk of Erebor, and he became Lord of the Glittering Caves.