Does 911 Call Back If You Hang Up?

A large percentage of 911 calls are accidental, especially from cell phones.

If you dial 911 by accident, DO NOT hang up!

If, when we call back, no one answers and there is an address associated with the number, a police response will be sent to determine if in fact there is an emergency.

Does a call go through if you hang up immediately?

If you hang up quickly enough, the equipment won’t have had time to connect the call and nothing will happen. If you take too long, the call will be connected and the Caller ID will be sent; if you clear down then that will cancel the call and it won’t ring, but the recipient will still see your number.

What happens if you call 911 and hang up before it rings?

In fact even if you have an unlisted number or caller ID block, when you call 911 we still get your information. Furthermore, if you ever have a true emergency and dial 911, even if you hang up before the phone rings we will still get the information.

How do 911 hang up calls work?

If it’s a cell phone, about half of them will be disconnected cell phones. If you call 911 on a cell phone then hang up, the call will still go through. You cannot end the call before it goes through as the cell phone systems force every 911 call to dial all the way through to the center.

What happens if you accidentally call emergency services?

Stay on the 911 Emergency Line

If a 911 emergency call is made erroneously, do not hang up. If you make a #999#112#999 call by mistake, stay on line.