Does 911 Keep Call Records?

911 calls are recorded.

Since 911 tapes are considered public records, callers have little or no control over their distribution.

Before releasing tapes, police often redact personal information like phone numbers and addresses.

But the rest of the calls are usually fair game for any Freedom of Information Act request.

Why does 911 not show call history?

SuperSammy, calls to 911 do not show up in your Usage Details or on your Detailed Billing Statement because these are non-billable calls. However, acraftylady is correct in that 911 will have a record of the call.

Do police keep records of calls?

All calls to the control room are automatically recorded, including non-emergency ones. I can’t remember how long they are retained, but it is at least 12 months and may be up to 7 years. However, I would expect that most police departments record all calls and keep them for a certain period of time.

Are 911 calls public record in New York?

And laws governing public records vary from state to state. For instance, New York is one of the only states to exempt police personnel files from its open-records law. Autopsy reports and recordings of 911 calls — outside of New York City — under County Law. A person’s library records under Civil Practice Law and

Are 911 calls anonymous?

So, here’s the answer to “Is there a way to call 911 anonymously?”: Yes and no. A person can call 911 from a location and refuse to give his or her name, or even say, “I would prefer to remain anonymous.” Again, there is a record of your phone call. The best bet for calling anonymously is from a payphone.