Quick Answer: How Can I Feel Safe To Walk Alone At Night?

Walk with confidence

Keep your head up and don’t be afraid to make eye contact with those you pass.

Don’t keep your head down or avoid eye contact as this could give the impression that you are timid, weak, or scared.

Walk at a steady pace and walk facing traffic to keep yourself visible.

Is walking alone at night dangerous?

Walking home alone at night, especially while on your phone not paying attention like I used to do, raises your risk for unsafe behavior — whether it be getting mugged, assaulted, injured, or even put in an uncomfortable situation such as cat-calling.

How do you stay safe when walking alone at night?

9 ways to stay safe when walking alone

  • Keep your keys ready. Even if it’s a quick jaunt from your front door to your car, it’s a good idea to keep your keys ready at all times.
  • Walk with confidence.
  • Trust your gut.
  • Carry a noisy friend.
  • Know what to do in the worst-case scenario.
  • Avoid struggling with lots of bags.
  • Avoid hiding spots.
  • Keep walkways clear.

Is it safe to walk around London at night?

Avoid walking

Though generally safe, it’s not a good idea to walk around London at night, especially on your own. Quite aside from the safety factor, it’s also a major capital city – if most journeys take upwards of an hour via public transport, just imagine how long they’ll take on foot.

How do you protect yourself from walking alone?

Tips Women Can Use to Protect Themselves When Walking Alone at Night

  1. Call a friend.
  2. Carry pepper spray.
  3. Carry your keys/keychain in your knuckles.
  4. Carry an alarm keychain.
  5. Install “Circle of 6” app on your phone.
  6. Install an alarm app on your phone.
  7. Turn your locations on.
  8. Carry a whistle.