Quick Answer: How Can We Stop Further Victimization?

What are the risk factors to recurring victimization?

Socio- demographic and economic risk factors for repeat victimization after sexual, partner or family violence include being female, being younger, being less educated and being unmarried.

Also people who are unemployed, who have a lower socioeconomic status and who have a lower income are more at risk.

How can you protect yourself from becoming a crime victim?

To fine-tune your personal alarm, crime experts make the following suggestions:

  • Trust yourself.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Pay attention to the people around you.
  • Act confident and focused.
  • Understand that alcohol or drugs can cloud judgment.

Do victims contribute to their own victimization?

All these victims are targeted and contribute to their own victimization because of their characteristics. Tormentors are people who provoke their own victimization via violence and aggression toward others.

Do you have the instinct common sense and action to reduce a criminal’s opportunity to commit crime?

Eliminate just one of these elements and no crime will take place. Crime prevention is using instinct, common sense, and action to eliminate or greatly reduce the criminal’s opportunity. A large share of the responsibility of reducing criminal opportunity lies with YOU!