How Do You Monitor Health And Safety At Work?

5. Continuously Improve

  • Use a Safety and Health Program Assessment Worksheet to review progress.
  • Review activities to identify new risks.
  • Investigate incidents as they occur.
  • Conduct frequent inspections on equipment and processes.
  • Ensure hazard correction systems are in place.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of training.

What are key performance indicators in health and safety?

Health and Safety KPIs are measurable values used by Health and Safety Teams to track and determine their progress on specific business objectives. These KPIs help determine how well H&S Teams are performing.

How do you manage health and safety?

  1. Agree on what you need to do to prevent harm and protect persons.
  2. Train everyone in your business on your health and safety management system and to ensure they are competent to do their job and maintain these records in a safe place.
  3. Provide adequate tools and equipment for colleagues to do the job correctly.

What are health and safety measures?

system and the activities to promote a positive health and safety culture – measures of success; and Outcomes: Reactive monitoring of adverse outcomes resulting in injuries, ill health, loss and accidents with the potential to cause injuries, ill health or loss – measures of failures.

What is proactive monitoring in health and safety?

Proactive safety management and monitoring is a measurement of success, a way to keep things working right and safe. However, reactive safety measures still have a place, even in a proactive health and safety management system.