How Do You Prevent False Alarms?

Here are some tips to minimize the chances of a false alarm.

  • Use Pet-Immune Motion Sensors. Active pets are frequent causes of false alarms.
  • Practice Entering Your Code.
  • Keep the Batteries Fresh.
  • Keep the Area around Motion Sensors Clear.
  • Close Windows and Doors Securely.
  • Keep Your Home Security Equipment in Good Shape.

What causes false alarms on home security systems?

It could be the result of improper installation of the device, such as placing it above a heater or furnace. A false detection could be caused by the movement of objects such as balloons, blinds, and curtains within the range of a motion detector.

What causes a motion detector to go off?

Several factors can accidentally set off your motion detectors, including pets and any other activity from heat sources like vents, windows, stoves, or anything that causes a heat change near your sensor. The easiest way to test if your sensor is faulty is by putting a piece of paper in front of it for three days.

Can a mouse trigger a motion sensor?

Motion Sensor Tips and Tricks! Insects and spider webs occasionally get in front of motion detectors, but not too many spiders have stop watches and follow a schedule to the minute, so I knew they were out. Mice or rats generally aren’t big enough to trigger a false motion, and she had no cats or dogs in her shop.

Can a spider set off a motion detector?

Female spiders tend to reside indoors and at this time of the year, male spiders intrude homes in search of a mate. These so called “sex-starved spiders” can be big enough to set your burglar alarm off. Needless to say, not only can this be very irritating but they can also set off false alarms.