How Do You Talk To Your Toddler About Strangers?

How to talk with your child about strangers

  • Discuss the concept of strangers.
  • Point out adults that kids can trust.
  • Go over do’s and don’ts.
  • Establish Internet do’s and don’ts.
  • Prep older children for being home alone.
  • Role-play to teach, not to scare.
  • Avoid scary statements.
  • Repeat.

How do I keep my toddler safe from strangers?

5 Tips to Keep Children Safe From Predators

  1. Don’t teach “Stranger Danger.”
  2. Teach your kids that adults don’t need help from kids.
  3. Have a code word phrase.
  4. Let your child know it’s OK to yell, scream, and say no to an adult if they feel uncomfortable or scared.
  5. Be cautious and aware of identifying clothing.

How do I protect my child from strangers?

Important Tips

  • Teach your child the power of “No.”
  • Don’t assume your child will know what to do.
  • Don’t focus on “stranger danger.”
  • Tell your child that no one should ever invade her personal space.
  • Designate trusted adults.
  • Tell him to never, ever get in a car or go somewhere without a parent or caregiver.

How do you react to strangers?

Below are 11 ways to become more comfortable meeting strangers — get ready to wow people’s socks off.

  1. Approach The Person While Wishing Them Happiness.
  2. Take Control Of The Conversation.
  3. 3. Make Your Questions Engaging.
  4. Ask To Hear More.
  5. Don’t Expect An Outcome.
  6. Remember: Nerves Disappear With Practice.
  7. Amp Up Your Reactions.

How do I teach my child good touch touch bad touch?

Alright, Mamas, how do you teach your kids about good touch bad touch?

  • Give Them Ownership of Their Body.
  • Use Appropriate Language.
  • Keep Conversation Light and Easy.
  • Use the Swim Suit Rule.
  • Explain What Safe Touch Is.
  • Empower Them to Say NO.
  • Use Books About Good Touch Bad Touch.
  • Don’t Force Affection.