Question: How Long Can A Body Stay In A Mortuary?

two years

How long can a dead body be kept at home?

So in summary, If a person dies at home, the body can be kept for up to five days (in NSW refer to your state or local law). You can also take possession of a body and take it home from a hospital or nursing home. The body can remain for up to five days after death.

How long can you wait to cremate a body?

By law you must wait 48 hours to cremate a body.

Does a body decompose in a morgue?

Usually what happens in the “morgue” is nothing- the decedent is just refrigerated to stop any further decomposition. They are waiting for examination (autopsy or external exam with toxicology) or for release to the funeral home or family. So a dead body needs a toe tag, but the body has no feet.

Do bodies decompose after embalming?

Embalming is the practice of preserving human (or animal) remains. However although embalming slows decomposition it does not stop it indefinitely. If placed in a dry enviroment or special fluid some embalmed bodies may end up mummified and it is not uncommon for these bodies to remain well-preserved.