Question: How Often Should You Get Up From Sitting?

Sitting behind your desk all day is bad for your health and experts have long been advising people to stand at their workstations for about 15 minutes an hour.

But a University of Waterloo professor says his research shows that people should be standing for at least 30 minutes per hour to get health benefits.

How often should you stand at work?

Studies* actually recommend that you work towards standing for two hours in the beginning and eventually build up to standing for four hours a day, alternating between sitting and standing.

What happens to your body when you sit all day?

When your body begins to grow accustomed to sitting for hours at a time, it relaxes the hip flexors—the muscles in charge of lifting the knee and bringing the thigh towards the abdomen—causing them to weaken and shorten, according to Hoang.

Is it bad to sit around all day?

Dementia Is More Likely

Sitting also raises your risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, which all play a role in the condition. Moving throughout the day can help even more than exercise to lower your risk of all these health problems.

Is standing long hours bad for you?

Standing five hours a day contributes to significant and prolonged lower-limb muscle fatigue, a small study concluded. This may raise your risk for long-term back pain and musculoskeletal disorders. But the current study set out to see whether prolonged standing also raised the risk for developing longer-term issues.