Quick Answer: Is It Illegal To Park In Front Of Someone’s Driveway?

Most driveways open into the street, meaning if you park in front of the driveway, you are parking in a thoroughfare, which is illegal because it impedes traffic.

That’s in addition to the ticket for illegal parking.

It’s trickier if you park in front of the driveway on someone’s property.

Can you park in someone else’s driveway?

You’d assume that it would be illegal to just park on someone you don’t know’s driveway, but nope. The law states that it’s not illegal for someone else to leave their car on your drive – even if the homeowner hasn’t given permission. If you call the police over it, they won’t be able to do anything about it.

What do you do if someone parks in front of your driveway?

In most places you have to have the police ticket the car first, then the police can have the car towed when the car is on public property, such as a public street blocking your driveway. So call your local police department – non-emergency line.

Can I have a car towed if it is blocking my driveway?

In Washington state, a car blocking a residential driveway is illegal. The police officer may try to find the owner of driveway-blocking car. A ticket is likely to be issued for violating the driveway obstruction law. If the driver can’t be located, the police will call a tow truck to remove the vehicle.