Is It Safe To Fly During A Hurricane?

For this reason, flying through a storm is generally safe.

In the case of extreme weather, air traffic controllers will always direct aircraft above or around severe storms to avoid uncomfortable turbulence or any damage being done to the aircraft.

Is it dangerous to fly during a hurricane?

Unlike with many thunderstorms, flights can safely navigate over the top of a hurricane or tropical storm with little impact. As far as flying goes, there should be no issues flying above a hurricane in an aircraft equipped to monitor radar echo tops.”

Can a plane take off in a hurricane?

In a weaker Hurricane, the answer can be absolutely yes, as long as the takeoff wind and weather parameters are legal, and it is deemed safe to fly.

Do Flights Get Cancelled for hurricanes?

Airline guidelines for hurricanes

Some airlines allow customers to cancel a reservation if the travel is within the dates and area of a hurricane watch issued by the National Hurricane Center.

Is it safe to fly during thunderstorms?

The good news is that flying in extreme winds is generally safe, even if it does cause you to spill your cocktail or mean you can’t use the restroom for a while. During take-off and landing, winds are really only a factor when they’re crosswinds. See, guys, flying through a storm isn’t so bad.