What Are The Duty Of Care Responsibilities Of Non Teaching Staff?

What are the duty of care responsibilities for teaching staff?

Teaching staff owe a duty to take reasonable care for the safety and welfare of students whilst students are involved in school activities.

The duty owed is not a duty to ensure that no harm will ever occur, but a duty to take reasonable care to avoid harm being suffered.

Do schools have a duty of care?

The duty on employers includes taking reasonable care for both the physical and mental health of their employees. Thus, teachers have a duty to take reasonable care of both their own and their pupils’ health and safety at school (Section 7 of the HSWA).

What are duty of care responsibilities?

Duty of care. This refers to the obligation to take responsible care to avoid injury to a person whom, it can be reasonably foreseen, might be injured by an act or omission. A duty of care exists when someone’s actions could reasonably be expected to affect other people.

What can happen if you are found to be negligent in your duty of care?

the risk of injury was reasonably foreseeable. the likelihood of the injury occurring was more than insignificant. there was a breach of the duty of care or a failure to observe a reasonable standard of care; and. this breach or failure caused or contributed to the injury, loss or damage suffered.