Quick Answer: What Are The Types Of Food Contamination?

There are three different types of food contamination – chemical, physical and biological.

All foods are at risk of becoming contaminated, which increases the chance of the food making someone sick.

What are 3 types of food contamination?

There are three main categories of food contaminants: physical, chemical, and biological. Each category can have food contaminants that are of safety concern or of quality concern. Physical contaminants are any physical objects in food that are not meant to be in the food and include hair, metal, glass, and insects.

What are the 4 types of food contaminant?

Four Types of Food Contamination -Biological, Chemical, Physical, Cross.

What are the types of contamination?

The most common types of contaminant include:

  • Physical contamination. Examples: fiber material, particles, chips from your pill press tooling.
  • Chemical contamination. Examples: vapor, gasses, moisture, molecules.
  • Biological contamination. Examples: fungus, bacteria, virus.

What is meant by food contamination?

Food contamination refers to the presence of harmful chemicals and microorganisms in food, which can cause consumer illness. This article addresses the chemical contamination of foods, as opposed to microbiological contamination, which can be found under foodborne illness.