What Is The Most Common Playground Injury?

Playground Injury Facts

Of the children treated in U.S.

emergency departments for injuries from playgrounds: Most injuries are the result of a fall.

The most common types of injuries include broken bones, bruises, cuts, and sprains.

The arm is the most commonly injured body part.

What is the cause of most playground injuries?

We know that the most common cause of playground injuries are falls from equipment (for example, climbers, monkey bars, slides). However, injury also results when children are struck by moving objects (for example, swings) or strangle either through head entrapment or as the result of clothing caught in equipment.

What age group has the highest rate of playground injuries?

While all children who use playgrounds are at risk for injury, boys sustain ED-treated injuries (55%) slightly more often than girls (45%). Children ages 5 to 9 have higher rates of ED visits for playground injuries than any other age group. Most of these injuries occur at school.

How many children die on playgrounds?

Between 1990 and 2000, 147 children ages 14 and younger died from playground-related injuries. Of them, 82 (56%) died from strangulation and 31 (20%) died from falls to the playground surface. Most of these deaths (70%) occurred on home playgrounds (Tinsworth 2001).

How can you avoid accidents in the playground?

Below are five things you can do to prevent playground accidents from occurring.

  • Check the surface on the playground.
  • Check the equipment on the playground and keep it well-maintained.
  • Check the temperature.
  • Beware of strangulation and choking hazards.
  • 5. Make water playgrounds slip-free.

How do you stay safe on a playground?

Playground Safety Rules for Kids

  1. Sit down on the swings and slow down before getting off.
  2. Use both hands when climbing.
  3. Avoid climbing on wet equipment.
  4. Never climb up the front of slides.
  5. Avoid walking in front of swings.
  6. Avoid broken equipment.
  7. Avoid pushing or shoving.

What playground equipment is most dangerous?

Swings are responsible for the most injuries on home playgrounds, while climbing apparatus is the most dangerous equipment on public playgrounds.

How many kids get hurt each year?

In the U.S., about 30 million children and teens participate in some form of organized sports, and more than 3.5 million injuries each year, which cause some loss of time of participation, are experienced by the participants.

Are monkey bars Safe?

Monkey bars are a hazard

when their safety is called into question, but the evidence tells us that they truly do pose a significant risk of injury to children. Now there are renewed calls to ditch the monkey bars altogether, with experts saying they can’t be pulled out quick enough as far as they’re concerned.

How many playgrounds are in the US?

Then at any one time there are 625,000 children at the playground. If a playground can handle 50 children, you need 12,500 playgrounds. Feel free to come up with your own numbers-I made them up very quickly. If anything, I suspect this is high in the number of children, but many playgrounds are not that busy.

What should be in a playground?

“What should we include in our Park and Playground Design?!?”

  • Seating (benches and tables)
  • Litter Collection.
  • Drinking fountains for Families and Pets.
  • Shade.
  • Sidewalks.
  • Drainage.
  • Planters.
  • Landscape (plants, trees, shrubs, etc)

How high should monkey bars be?

For young children, the monkey bar structure should be no more than 5 feet tall, and each bar should be no less than 9 inches and no more than 1 foot apart. Older children, on the other hand, can safely use a monkey bar set that is up to 7 feet tall, and each bar can be as much as 15 inches away from the others.

Why do accidents usually happen in the playground?

Sadly, not all playground accidents occur because of a child’s carelessness. The following acts of negligence can result in playground accidents: Poor maintenance of a playground. Inadequate supervision of children.

What do you call the things in a playground?

11 Things You No Longer See on Playgrounds

  1. Merry-Go-Round. The object here was to get the thing spinning so fast that kids began flying off, one by one.
  2. Teeter-Totters.
  3. Metal Slides.
  4. Witch’s Hat.
  5. Metal or Wooden Swings.
  6. Giant Stride.
  7. Horizontal Ladder/Monkey Bars.
  8. Geodesic Dome.

What type of accident is the leading cause of injury in child care settings?

Falls are the leading cause of serious injuries. The playground is the major site of injury in the child care setting and accounts for 50 to 60 percent of all child care injuries. Sometimes furniture, stairs or windows are also involved. Another child is involved (fighting, pushing, colliding, throwing, biting, etc.).