Question: What Should A Safety Committee Do?

Typical responsibilities of workplace-safety committees include:

  • Developing safe work practices.
  • Crafting written safety programs.
  • Leading safety training.
  • Conducting workplace inspections and safety audits.

What is the role of a safety committee?

Joint health and safety committees are groups of worker and employer representatives working together to identify and solve health and safety problems at the work site. The primary purpose of the committee is to facilitate communication on health and safety issues.

What are three responsibilities of the health and safety committee?

Functions of a Health and Safety Committee are: Assist in developing standards, rules and/or procedures relating to health and safety to improve and ensure workers health and safety at the workplace. Comply with functions prescribed by regulations. Carry out any other functions agreed between the PCBU and the HSC.

Why do we need a safety committee?

Safety Committees Are Required by Law in Some Jurisdictions

Safety committees bring together workers and employers through regularly scheduled meetings where safety issues are addressed. The goal of a safety committee is to create and nurture a culture of safety.

What is meant by safety committee?

A safety committee is an organizational group within a workplace with members from management, the workforce as well as from all departments and staffs. The safety committee will share with management the responsibility for implementing the company safety program.