Question: Why Does My DSC Alarm Keep Beeping?

If your DSC home alarm is beeping due to this condition, the main panel battery is low or failing.

If you’ve recently had a power outage, wait 24-48 hours after power is restored.

If the beeping persists, the battery probably needs to be replaced.

The battery can be replaced by your alarm company, if you have one.

How do I stop my alarm panel from beeping?

Step Three: Silence the Alarm

Most standard systems will allow you to stop the beeping using one of the following methods: Disarm your system by entering your unique code. Arm your system and immediately disarm. Press the status button on your keypad.

Why does my alarm system keep beeping?

Most often this is due to a loose sensor or a faulty battery. Household alarms have a display screen on the main control panel that indicates which sensor is causing the beeping. To fix a house alarm system that keeps beeping sometimes requires bypassing the zone that the sensor is in altogether for a short time.

How do I reset my DSC alarm?

How to Reset a DSC Alarm After the Power Has Been Off

  • Open the access door on the unit.
  • Press and hold the “RESET” key for 2 seconds.
  • Press the buttons “*72” if the alarm does not reset after pressing the RESET button.
  • Check the sensors if it still does not turn off.

What does the yellow triangle mean on DSC alarm?

A yellow triangle on your DSC ADT Alarm system is also known as a “trouble light.” That means if you see this symbol, your system has an issue that you need to resolve. A trouble light could mean 1 of 8 problems. To find out what the problem is, you can simply press *2 on your keypad.